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Raspberry Almond Baked Oats

Are you and the kids big fans of porridge?🙋🏼‍It’s great to have on cold mornings! And it is a FAR better choice than the sugar packed cereal! 🥣🍭 But take the stress out of it, and try some Rasberry Almond Baked Oats !

Full of fiber, healthy fats and lots of protein ( serve with some Greek yogurt 🥄!)

Ingredients : ✳️ 160 grams of oats ✳️ 1 +1/2 tsp of cinnamon ✳️ 1 tsp of baking soda ✳️ Pinch of salt ✳️ 5 tbsp of agave ✳️ 4tbsp of smooth almond butter ✳️ 1 cup of almond milk ✳️ 180 grams of raspberries ✳️ Sprinkle of slivered almonds Recipe: ✳️ Preheat oven to Gas mark *180 ✳️ Mix together oats, cinnamon, salt and baking soda ✳️ Add the rest of ingredients- Add raspberries last ✳️ Cook for 30 minutes and sprinkle almonds over mixture ✳️ Cook for another 5 minutes ✳️ Serve with Greek yogurt and store in the fridge for up too 4 days! ENJOY 🤤🤤

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