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School and Club courses

Making a positive change in this generation

This service is is aimed at primary and secondary school students (Ages of 11-18) and to any athletic club (Ages 11+).

If you feel that your pupils or athletes are not eating the correct foods, that they are training too hard (or not enough!), that they are not taking care of themselves mentally or that they need a more positive outlook on life - then this programme is for you.

We have worked with schools both in the U.S. and Ireland and have facilitated many fitness, athletic and nutritional workshops and courses to adolescents of all ages and all abilities.

When adolescents are growing, their bodies have to be fuelled correctly for everyday activity. They are going through life's greatest change, both physically and mentally.

This course will help young people understand the right food to fuel their brains and bodies for exams, to help increase their concentration levels throughout the school day and to perform at their best in games and training after school.

It will encourage young people to take responsibility for their own health through a hands-on, interactive and fun approach.

This course can be helpful for students changing schools, transitioning from primary to secondary, studying for junior/ leaving certificate exams and trying to balance school, sports and a social life. 

This service is broken down into modules that are completely specific to the schools/ clubs goals and requirements.

The difference between this course and any other course is that we ensure sustainability, accountability and change. These courses are not just 'once-offs' There will be a follow-up to every session, to ensure that the students and teachers are progressing.

Find out which course will suit you!

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