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Sports Nutrition

Taking a leap in your performance

You wouldn't put diesel into a Formula 1 car.. so why would you put bad food into an athletes body?

It is crucial, that for athletes to obatin optimum performance, they must be fuelled with optimum foods. 

Every food plan for every athlete is different, not one is the same nor it should be. An athlete that has a goal of improving their marathon time will eat differently to an athlete who wants to gain lean body mass for size.

Hannah has worked with athletes both in the United States and Ireland. From her background in top-level and international basketball, she understands how an athlete should be fed and that a good diet for an athlete is an integral factor in athletic performance.

Physical activity, athletic performance and recovery from exercise are enhanced by optimal nutrition.

This service is for athletes of all different abilities. Those who are just getting started, those that are coming back from an injury or those who are at the top of their game and want to be able to have that little bit more to give than the competition.

What you put into your body is a direct reflection on how your body will perform.

This plan keeps the athlete accountable, checking in with our team regularly with both performance and nutrition updates.

Based on progress, your plan can be tailored and changed to adapt to you. Like everything else in Next Generation Health, this is not a one-off plan, this is a lifestyle change. It will be consistent and you will achieve your desired results based on your goals as an athlete.

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