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Eoin Lacey,

Training and Nutritional consultant and Co Owner ISI Nutritional Clinic, Performance and Educational Centre

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Hannah very well over the past three years, through a number of different environments, including our nutritional clinic. She is diligent, hard working and considerate in all that she does.

She has showed extreme dedication and hard work to ensure that Next Generation Health takes the correct paths in business in Ireland. 

Her vision and motivation is non comparable to others in the industry. I have no doubt that NGH will prevail to become a market leader within the Health and Wellbeing industry and will have an impactful change in the young people of Ireland. 

David Gillick

Olympian, 2 x European 400 Meter Indoor Champion, Winner of celebrity Masterchef, Author of David Gillick's Kitchen

Hannah has a unique and effortless style that makes her very approachable. She has an excellent rapport with people of all ages and backgrounds. You feel very comfortable in her presence.

Hannah is a very positive person for whom nothing that is presented to her is a problem.

From her experience working in different environments all over the world, Hannah has a great ability to understand problems and come up with sensible approaches to solving them.

I recommend that anyone who has the chance to work with Next generation Health take it. 

Holy Faith Clontarf

Vice Principal - Mrs Molloy

Hannah ran an excellent workshop for 3rd Year students as part of a wellbeing day. She was a pleasure to deal with and highly organised. The students found the workshop interesting and educational. They were engaged throughout and continued discussing the content after the workshop had ended. Hannah pitched the workshop at the students level and that, coupled with her enthusiasm and expertise had a positive influence on the students. We look forward to welcoming Hannah back to the school in the future. 

Erik Korop

Head trainer at Redline Athletics, Colorado Springs Strength and conditioning coach at the New York Mets

Hannah worked for RedLine Athletics at our corporate training facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado for over two years. She played an integral part of this facilities opening process. Even at a young age, fresh out of college, she learned how to develop working relationships with young athletes and push them to want to improve in their sport. Her ability to deal with different age levels and developmental levels helped us grow as a company. Hannah also had to learn to deal with adversity, literally trial by fire. In her first month of work her house that she just moved into was caught in a massive forest fire, but no matter the situation her work ethic and personality shown through. She was unshakeable even when life wasn't favorable toward her. Her RedLine family was sad to see her leave, but wished her all the best and were thankful to have her as a part of our lives, even as short as it was. Hannah impacted many of our athletes here in Colorado and still comes up in conversation. Hannah is a true gem.

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