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Nutritional Facts- How to read a nutritional label??

The 🔑 to a successful food shop is being able to read the nutritional label at the back of packaged foods. Knowledge is the best defense when it comes to picking up food for you and your family. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Low calorie usually means a chemical sweetener has been added👀 (No added sugar does not mean there is no sugar in it!) There are hundreds of different names for sugar and salt that manyfacturers use What to look for?! 🤓

  • Serving size!! How many servings are in the product

  • Calories- this is based on a single serving not the whole container

  • The less amount of ingrediants THE BETTER! Try for 5/ <5-ingrediants are listed in descending order. The most abundant is first

  • Look for a higher protein content

  • Be aware of the trans fats listed

  • % Daily values

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