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NGH Interview Series, 2- Niall Breslin

Niall ( Bressie ) Breslin is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. He is an inter-county Gaelic player, a professional rugby player, a singer song-writer, a musician, a business man, an activist, a spokesperson for mental health, a TV presenter and many more.

Growing up sport was an outlet for Niall and he explains what he went through to become a professional athlete, how his mindset had to shift over and over again to tackle different obstacles that life through at him, and how he transitioned from occupation to occupation. Bressie also talks also how he wants change to happen in Ireland and what he hopes for the young people of Ireland and how he wants to help them.

The interview is broken down into different themes, and the full interview is at the bottom! Enjoy!!

Video 1

Bressie- Sport & becoming professional

Video 2

Bressie- Understanding Nutrition

Video 3

Bressie- Transitioning from Sport to Music

Video 4

Bressie- Social Media and the importance of teachers in Ireland

Video 5

Bressie- Completing an Iron Man and achieving FLOW

Video 6

Bressie- The importance of self compassion

Video 7

Bressie- The power of the next generation

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