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NGH Interview Series Part 1 - David Gillick

To kick start this interview series, I have asked my good friend and colleague David Gillick, to be the first guinea pig.

David is a 400m and 4x400m relay runner. He was a European Champion, an Olympian and is now a proud father. You may know him from ‘Master Chef’, or his very popular cookbook ‘David Gillick's Kitchen’.

In this interview, David talks about his sporting career and what helped him get to where he is today. He also talks about the harsh realities that come with sport, life after sport and how to deal with that. David's honesty throughout his interview is compelling and well-worth a look. I have divided the interview into different themes, listed below and the interview in full is at the bottom!

Video 1

DG- Balancing athletics and school

Video 2

DG- Food and Recovery

Video 3

DG- Honest talk about life after being a competitive athlete

Video 4

DG - When college may not suit you

Video 5

DG - Interview in Full

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