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Junior Certificate Wellbeing Programme


A new subject of Wellbeing has been introduced to students starting in First Year.

This programme is for the Junior Certificate. The students must complete 300 hours of wellbeing, before they sit their Junior Certificate exams.

As a company, we believe that this is an important step that our Government has taken to begin the process of building a better and stronger generation.

Next Generation Health is committed to making a change in the lives of young adults and see this as an opportunity to enhance the lives of teenagers through physical, emotional and social wellbeing. We would love to be part of this change in your school.

We have designed a course to be delivered to Secondary schools to support the students to achieve the desired hours. 

This course will be an interactive, enjoyable but challenging experience that will contribute to the experience of wellbeing.

We believe that once-off experiences while initially beneficial, do not provide significant change or difference. This course is designed to have a longevity factor for students. A comprehensive review is completed at the end of each module and a follow-up session will also occur one month after this programme has been completed to ensure sustainability and real change. This keeps students and teachers accountable to committed actions.

Our programme consists of 10 modules - each module is 3 class periods long. 

The 10 modules cover 4 of the 6 indicators of wellbeing. These are: 

  • Resilience

  • Aware

  • Active

  • Responsible


As a school you can choose which modules you would like for your students. And if your school would like to add anything to this programme, that can be arranged.

Some of the areas that we focus on in this programme are: ​

  • Fuelling yourself day-to-day​

  • Lifestyle coaching

  • Dealing with anxiety 

  • Body dysmorphia

  • Dealing with pressure from social media 

  • Understanding the basics of a healthy diet 

  • Cooking demonstrations and workshops 

  • Personalised high-intensity training

  • Fuelling yourself for sport and exams 

  • And more...


Our mission, is to help the young people of Ireland...So why not join forces and do it together?

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